Marc A. Seibert


Marc A. Seibert

Expertise: Space Communications, Networking and Space Network Emulation
MSEE, Case Western Reserve University (Space Communications)
BEEE, Michigan State University (Digital Communications)


Marc is the area Lead for Communication and Navigation planning within the Strategic Analysis Office of the Human Spaceflight and Mission Operations Directorate (HEO) at NASA Headquarters. He is also an Element Lead for the NASA Human Spaceflight Architecture (HAT) team, and is serving as an invited member of the TA-05 (Comm/Nav) roadmapping team for the NASA Office of the Chief Technologist.

He is also serving concurrently as a Senior Research Engineer and Manager of Technology Integration for tracking, timing, communications, networking and navigation technology in the Engineering Directorate at NASA Kennedy Space Center.

Marc's primary objective at the PLRP missions is to identify, architect, infuse, and validate the most promising communication and navigation architectures, systems, and technologies for future human spaceflight.

He has extensive experience leading and coordinating multi-organization communications and networking teams, and architecting and executing complex operational communications systems and networks.