Janice Bishop

Janice Bishop

Expertise: Spectroscopy & Mineralogy
Affiliation: SETI Institute & NASA-Ames Reserach Center
Ph.D. in Chemistry (and Planetary Science), Brown University , 1994.
M.S. in Applied Earth Science (Remote Sensing), Stanford University , 1988.
B.S. in Chemistry, Stanford University , 1988.

Martian surface alteration processes are under study through analysis of spectral, magnetic and chemical data from Mars and analysis of analogue materials in the laboratory.

The kinds of Mars surface analogues studied include Martian meteorites, volcanic tephra, sediments from the Dry Valleys region of Antarctica and hydrothermal rocks. Pure minerals, such as iron oxides, sulfates, carbonates and silicates, found in these samples are studied, as well, in order to better characterize and identify them or related materials on Mars. Many of these minerals are associated with organisms and may be useful as indicators of life or environments supportive of life on Mars or other planets.


SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Center