Greg Druschel

Greg Druschel

Expertise: Microbial Geochemistry and Redox Geochemistry
Affiliation: University of Vermont
Ph.D. Geochemistry (2002) University of Wisconsin

As a microbial geochemist, I am interested in the role microorganisms play in different environmental and geochemical processes, especially as related to sulfur and iron cycling. We continue the development and use of voltammetric electrodes to describe a number of key redox species in situ and in real time. My group's research has spanned a number of field sites including Yellowstone, Lake Champlain, the Frassasi cave system in Italy, meromictic Green Lake in New York, and a number of sulfide mine sites in addition to work at Pavilion Lake, the Caribou Plateau alkaline lakes, and Mahoney Lake.

I am involved in the Pavilion Lake Research project to investigate changes in redox chemistry associated with the microbialite microbial communities and to probe for low level sulfide in the vent structures of microbialites to investigte links between sediment porewater chemistry and the flow of fluids through these structures. We also team with Greg Slater's group to investigate some of the microbial mats in alkaline lakes on the nearby Caribou Plateau.


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