Bernard Laval

CSA CARN Logistical Contract PI

Dr. Bernard Laval

Expertise: Physical Limnologist
Affiliation: University of British Columbia
BASc Engineering Physics, UBC
MSc Physical Oceanography, McGill
PhD Environmental Engineering, University of Western Australia

Bernard's research interests can be broadly described as transport processes in lakes and estuaries using a combination of field and numerical modeling techniques. He is currently an assistant professor in Envinronmental Fluid Mechanics group at the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia. Besides Pavilion Lake, Bernard is currently investigating wind-driven circulation and deep water renewal processes in several lakes in British Columbia.

Bernard first become involved with Pavilion Lake in the mid-1990's while working as a research associate for Dr John Bird at the Underwater Research Lab at Simon Fraser University. During this initial investigation into Pavilion Lake, Bernard was involved with limnological and sonar surveys of Pavilion Lake. He also lead the effort to write up the initial findings, which where published in Nature (link to publications page) in 2000.

Shortly after Bernard's return to Canada, he and Darlene Lim began organizing a renewed campaign (the current Pavilion Lake Research Project) to address the many unanswered questions about this marvelous lake. Besides project management, Bernard's research contributions to the PLRP include a more detailed description of the physical environment in which the microbialites are found using a combination of conventional field techniques and UBC-GAVIA, an Underwater Autonomous Vehicle. Alex Forrest will be working with Bernard to carefully the lake bottom environment using UBC-GAVIA. Results of this work will help develop overall patterns of water properties and micrbialite morphology that will provide clues as to the microbialite's origins.


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