Allyson Brady

Science Lead

Allyson Brady

Expertise: Isotope Geochemistry
Affiliation: University of Calgary
Ph.D. Earth Sciences (Isotope Geochemistry), McMaster University

Allysonís research has focused on applying isotopic analytical techniques to investigate the role of biology in carbonate precipitation and the identification of associated microbial isotope biosignatures. Her research interests continue to focus on microbes in extreme environments, influences on carbonate precipitation and the potential for the formation of isotopic biosignatures that may be preserved in the geologic record.

PLRP Research Objectives

Major Science Goals at Pavilion Lake
1) Understanding the role of biology in carbonate precipitation and microbialite formation
2) Identification of microbial biosignatures
3) Comparison of microbialite associated communities with microbial mats from carbonate-rich, alkaline lakes on the nearby Cariboo Plateau