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Deepworker Training - 2010


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  1. Chris and Stan discuss their upcoming training flights in DeepWorker.
  2. Jeff Heaton explains technical details to the astronauts.
  3. Nuytco's Jeff Rozon waits patiently on the dock to assist with the DeepWorker deployment.
  4. Chris Hadfield, hatch closed and ready to go for a swim.
  5. DeepWorker 6 is slowly lowered into Burrard Inlet by crane - Chris awaits his first deployment.
  6. Jeff assists with buoyancy by adding some weight to starboard side.
  7. Jeff Heaton (Nuytco) looks out at the submersibles in the water. Vancouver skyline in the background.
  8. Visibility was less than ideal in Burrard Inlet - in Pavilion Lake the water is more than 10X as clear as this.
  9. Chris Hadfield - happy to be underwater in the murky green glow.
  10. On board sonar is one of the only ways to navigate in poor visibility.
  11. Found the sonar target! Training is complete, and the astronauts are ready to deploy in Pavilion Lake this summer!