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Deepworker Training - May 2009

In West Vancouver, four PLRP team members were trained to fly the Deepworker submersibles in preparation for the 2009 field season. Alex Forrest, Margarita Marinova, Donnie Reid, and NASA Astronaut Ricky Arnold spent six days practicing Deepworker maneuvers underwater, and learning about underwater science in the classroom. In addition, Nuytco's three-person submersible "Aquarius" was on site to demonstrate its capabilities to the PLRP team.


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  1. Alex Forrest, a Ph.D. student at the University of British Columbia, prepares for a training dive in Deepworker.
  2. Margarita Marinova, a Ph.D. student at the California Institute of Technology, excited about her first Deepworker training dive.
  3. Donnie Reid, PLRP Logistics and Operations Manager performing his final surface checkout with Nuytco's Jeff Heaton.
  4. Ricky Arnold, NASA Astronaut, prepares for departure while Nuytco engineer Mike Reay performs checkouts on his life support systems.
  5. Ricky's hatch is closed and he is ready for launch.
  6. Ricky's Deepworker is deployed using a large crane to lift the submersible into the water.
  7. With the help of a diver to release the sub, Deepworker is ready to perform its mission.
  8. Ricky surfacing in Burrard Inlet, Vancouver, British Columbia.
  9. Focusing Deepworker's camera on a sea anemone in Burrard Inlet, credit: Alex Forrest
  10. Also deployed during the training was Aquarius, Nuytco's three person submersible.
  11. Ben Cowie (University of Calgary, left) and Nick Wilkinson (Rask Systems Inc., right) discuss their upcoming Aquarius dive.
  12. Mike Reay readies Aquarius for departure, Deepworker in front for scale.
  13. Aquarius swims out to sea before diving.