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  1. Margarita Marinova gets ready for her flight in DeepWorker-6
  2. Jeff Rozon closes the hatch, Margarita is ready to launch! (photo credit: Ben Cowie)
  3. DeepWorker is slowly lowered into the water, ready to begin its mission. (photo credit: Ben Cowie)
  4. Jeff Heaton smiles after a successful mooring in the Central Basin (photo credit: Ben Cowie)
  5. Gary Lippman ready to assist with the DeepWorker launch from the water (photo credit: Ben Cowie)
  6. Gary Lippman (left) and Mike Shortridge waiting for DeepWorker launch (photo credit: Ben Cowie)
  7. PLRP Principal Investigator, Darlene Lim, smiles for a successful launch. (Photo Credit: Ben Cowie)
  8. Mike Gernhardt finishes his pre-flight checkout in DeepWorker-7. (Photo Credit: Ben Cowie)
  9. Mike Gernhardt checks communications systems. (Photo Credit: Ben Cowie)
  10. Mike Gernhard flies on the surface behind the navigation boat. The Nav boat helps maintain the flight plan and records scientific information sent up from the DeepWorker. (Photo Credit: Ben Cowie)
  11. There's always lots going on in the Mobile Mission Control Center (Photo: Ben Cowie)
  12. Art Trembanis, Alex Forrest and Zena Cardman hard at work in the science backroom. (Photo: Ben Cowie)
  13. Dana Lis, our camp cook, working hard to keep the team fueled and happy. Thanks Dana! (Photo: Ben Cowie)
  14. Andrew Hamilton prepares for a launch of the Gavia AUV. (Photo: Ben Cowie)
  15. Gavia AUV on shore and ready for launch! (Photo: Ben Cowie)
  16. Lisa Leoni works on the microscope in the science backroom (Photo: Ben Cowie)
  17. The omnipresent blue glow of computer screens in the MMCC (Photo: Ben Cowie)
  18. Bekah Shepard relaxing in the MMCC before her afternoon DeepWorker flight. The computer screen in the upper left monitors activity in real time from the DeepWorker barge, letting Bekah know when it's her turn to fly! (Photo: Ben Cowie)
  19. NASA Astronaut, Mike Gernhardt and Canadian Astronaut Jeremy Hansen discuss the morning's science operations. (Photo: Ben Cowie)
  20. Alex Forrest, Andrew Hamilton and Art Trembanis (clockwise from bottom left) prepare Gavia for Launch. (Photo: Ben Cowie)
  21. Jeremy Hansen, new CSA astronaut (left), and Dave Williams, retired CSA astronaut (right). (Photo: Ben Cowie)
  22. Mike Gernhardt surfaces in Deepworker after a successful flight. (Photo Credit: Matt Deans)
  23. Margarita floats on the surface, waiting for her navigation boat to initiate her dive. (photo credit: Matt Deans)
  24. Margarita returns to the barge from her flight. (Photo Credit: Matt Deans)
  25. Bumper sticker on DeepWorker-7. Herms are the large mounds of microbialites in the center of the lake that are specially proteted areas due to the diversity of microbialites there. (Photo Credit: Ben Cowie)
  26. Pilots and support crew arrive at the dock for departure. Front to back up the dock - Mike Gernhardt, Bernard Laval, Edward Tabarah, Margarita Marinova (photo credit: Ben Cowie)
  27. Submersibles need bumper stickers too!
  28. Jeff Heaton hoists Margarita's submersible up to the deck. (Photo Credit: Matt Deans)